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Double Hung Windows

Our Double Hung Windows are manufactured with triple glass. Two of these panes are high performance soft coated Low-E glass. The frames are completely welded in all four corners & foam filled. In between the panes we use a warm edge white super spacer. We use a double seal to seal our glass. Our windows are aluminum reinforced for added strength.

We add Triple Weather Stripping to the very critical top area of the window. This weather stripping, Q-lon, is of the highest quality and everlasting. It will never need to be replaced.

In the center of the window we use triple weather stripping with interlocking tongue & groove. The bottom sash also has double weather stripping.

Our window also has a sloped sill for immediate water drainage.

Power automatic locking system is provided as a standard feature for your safety and easy operation. Our windows have a stainless steel constant force balance. The frames of our windows are a closed master frame for air tightness and thermo efficiency. Stream-lined, narrow-line design 2 ½” less on the frame, creating less vinyl and adding more glass.

All materials used are of the highest quality, solid, and formulated for a long lasting life.

Our Model 5400 Maxi Double Hung Windows carry the ENERGY STAR label with a U-Factor of .16. The lower the U-Factor, the higher the efficiency