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Greenhouse Window

Our Greenhouse Window comes complete and finished inside and out:

The inside and the perimeter of our Greenhouse Window come with stainable, clear pine clam shell moldings or colonial casing. Stain or paint it to match your décor.
We utilize double weather stripping in our greenhouse casement windows.

Our casement windows are made with heavy duty commercial Maxum hardware for smooth operating. They are equipped with a single locking handle with a triple locking bar (depending on the window’s height).

Our casement windows carry the ENERGY STAR label with a U-Factor of .16. The lower the U-Factor, the higher the efficiency

*Our newest feature….Safety Glass Shelving across the interior of our Greenhouse window for plants, flowers, and more! Our Beautiful Greenhouse Windows are made with the best materials available:

  • ½” Dow High Density Styrofoam sandwiched between Supreme Birch 1½” thick.
  • We use the same wood used by high-end furniture manufacturers.
  • Cable system for support. We don’t use bulky or unattractive wooden support brackets.
  • Our windows are completely welded in all four corners and are aluminun reinforced for added strength. Our frames are foam filled for added insulation. Our windows are manufactured with triple glass with 2 soft-coat Low-E Panes. Between the panes we use an energy saving, warm edge white super spacer and double seal the panes.

Note: There are almost unlimited options on the grid and styles that are available on all windows