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Sliding Windows

Our 4200 Maxi Argon gas filled and 5400 Maxi Krypton gas filled are equipped with a fully welded main-frame, fully welded sashes, advanced weather-stripping, warm edge spacers, triple glazing, double action locking system and FOAM!… And are aluminum reinforced for added strength. The primary benefit of foam is to prohibit convective heat transfer losses within the frame and sash profiles. Polyurethane foam, the same type that insulates your refrigerator, keeps your cooler cool and your Thermos® hot is now keeping your windows insulated which means higher energy savings and an increase in efficiency due to FOAM core. Our sliders slide on solid brass wheels.
Our Model 5400 Maxi Sliding Windows carry the ENERGY STAR lablel, with a U-Factor of .16. The lower the U-Factor, the higher the efficiency

All our custom built windows include the following:

  • Are custom made to fit your home
  • Comes out for easy cleaning
  • Have a reputation 2nd to none!
  • Made in our Long Island factory
  • Installed by our own factory trained craftsmen